Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork

What is Mediation and Mindfulness?

Meditation is an important tool we can use daily to quiet the mind, reduce reactive behaviors, eliminate stress and anxiety and become more present in every day life. It can be as simple as a mindful walk through the neighborhood or as complex as an hour or more of deep breathing and reflection.

All forms of mediation incorporate some of the following:  

·         Quieting the mind

·         Becoming present in our bodies

·         Observing the mind without judgment

Yoga is meditation in a different form. In my opinion, any activity or interest that takes you out of your mind and into presence is meditation. (painting, crafting, writing, gardening)


So why meditate?

·         Longing for peace and harmony

·  Lower Stress and anxiety

·         No needs or wants exist during meditation

·        To be in union with oneself

·         To set the tone for the day or wind down from the day (relaxation)

·         To boost mental, physical and cognitive abilities (prefrontal cortex forming new connections)

·       Reduces inflammation and stress hormones

·         Heal or bodies, activate the parasympathetic nervous system

Forms of Meditation

There are many forms of meditation. Some of the mediations I teach are heart based, guided imagery or visualization, mantra, mindful, transcendental, walking, prayer or read and reflect.

The important factors in mastering mediation is to remember that practice, commitment and consistency are key!



I also like to incorporate breathwork into my mediation classes. Breathwork can be a stand alone practice as well. Like mediation, breathwork can relax, restore and reduce stress in our bodies. Our breath communicates daily with our bodies and our mind. Think about your breathing pattern when you are happy, sad, in love, anxious, joyful. Are you breathing from your chest (fast and shallow) or from your belly (slow and deep)? What is the first thing we do when we are born? We inhale. What is the last thing we do at the end of our lives? We exhale. Think about that for a minute.... Breath is life.

In Yoga/Sanskrit, breath is referred to as Pranayama – Prana - breath/lifeforce

Yama – Restraint/Control. It s the quickest ay to calm the mind. During our time together, I will instruct you on some breathing techniques such as tactical, alternate nasal breathing, triangle and the 7-11 breath.

Sessions: 30 min: $35, 60 min: $60. Personal recording: Add'l $15. Corporate Packages Available.

Get results like this!

"Great products and services! Deb was able to help me find calm and peace of mind (something we could all use, right?) in a safe and comfortable environment. Thank you so much! I look forward to my next session."

T. Garvey

When we control our breath, we control our lives.

Breath communicates with the body.

There is a correlation between the way we breathe and the way we think and feel.


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